Posted on November 12, 2020 at 8:05 AM

Friday November 13, 2020

Good Morning, my dear and precious Friends!!!  I'm so glad you are here.  I am praying with all my might that this will actually POST!  Let's believe God!  HE has the final say in all things!           

So, how have you been feeling?  Are you hiding behind your pain?  Are you screaming and nobody hears you?  Do you feel like an outcast?  Have you suffered a loss?  Did the person who is supposed to love you until the day you die, fail you?  Wants a divorce?  Have your children forsaken you?  Are you staring at the end of a bottle?  Do drugs relieve your reality?  Are you so lost, so full of fear?  Stuck in the muck and the mire???             

Whatever you are feeling, it sure feels real, doesn't it?  Even if you caused your own mess, even if your actions brought great devastation and dire consequences.  If you feel pain, there is a Healer!  If you are lost, Someone will find you!  Your emptiness ushers in Fullness!  That fear, collides with His Perfect Love!  Bring all your broken pieces that you have scattered all over the floor, as an Altar for Redemption!  Drop your stress at the door, and just be still......  Your pain is real, but guess what???  SO IS GOD!!!  SO IS HOPE!!!  

Just be quiet........  Do you hear it?  There is a symphony in the silence!  A shout of JOY!  Praise and Worship!  The sound of prison doors being swung open!  Chains be gone!  It's time for the suffering to BE OVER!!!  RISE UP OUT OF YOUR ASHES!!!  GRAB ON TO VICTORY!!!  WALK IN FREEDOM!!!  DEFEAT THE enemy with the WORD OF GOD!!!                 

Yes, life is messy!  It can be cruel!  Unforgiving!  Chaos is everywhere!  Choices pulling us in a hundred different directions!  Voices of the world ring loud, but GOD'S VOICE IS LOUDER!  BUT, you have to calm down, take a deep breath, and listen............  You better believe GOD IS LISTENING!!!  He hears our prayers, even the ones we can't speak.  HE IS LIFE!!!  HE IS LOVE!!! 

What Jesus did for us, CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!  He Bridges the gap, so we can come to God!!!  GOD WANTS YOU!!!  And, it doesn't matter whatever you have to confess, Repent of, Redemption is YOURS!  Because of Jesus, we can have FORGIVENESS!!!  Since God Forgives and forgets, you might as well just go ahead................  CONFESS IT AND FORGET IT!!!

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