Posted on November 9, 2020 at 4:15 AM

Wednesday November 11, 2020

Good Morning to you!!!  I want to appologize for not writing.  I know YOU could get on my website and read, but I couldn't get on to WRITE!  The main part of my website is where I go to write, edit, post my blogs, see sight activity, WOULD NOT LET ME IN!  Therefore, I could not write.  SO SORRY!!!  Hopefully, now it's fixed, but if there are days you DON'T see me writing, that's why.  HOOPS...........  You know how very much I LOVE HOOPS! :/  So here we are, you and I.  Let's get settled in, shall we?           

Oh goodness, our EMOTIONS.......  They sure run HIGH sometimes!  But, sometimes, they also run LOW!  The one thing I know beyond a shadow of doubt, is that we should never try and make decisions according to HOW WE FEEL!!!  Our emotions can't always be trusted.  If we can't get our own way, we go kicking and screaming!  We create all sorts of emotions that we do not need to feel.  Soon satan get's his foot in the door of our hearts, and starts filling our heads with lies.  He starts breaking our hearts.  Putting panic as our stepping stones.  Fear and darkness start to invade!  And soon, we have made a MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL!!!                                     

Instead, LET'S PRAY!  Give our fears, our panic, our burdens, our brokenness and all of our doubts, TO GOD!!!  Let's finally take the burdens off of our shoulders, and find REST for our souls.........  Life is just so exhausting, isn't it?  What about THIS, what about THAT?  There's no use trying to figure things out on our own, when Exodus 14:14 Promises, "The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."  Oh, how I LOVE, STILL.........  To be in my favorite place in the whole entire universe, I can just sit there, and b r e a t h e.  Hear Jesus' Heartbeat.  Trust Him with all that I am, and everything God wants me to be!                             

Beloved, let's trust GOD to lead us today!  He really DOES know what's He's doing!  "And we know that God causes everyting to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them."  (Romans 8:28 NLT)  Even the things satan thinks he can mess up in our lives and means for evil, God will turn around FOR OUR GOOD!!!  The things satan claims are IMPOSSIBLE, God makes POSSIBLE!!!                   

The world tells us to "follow your heart".  "Do what makes you happy."  "Strive and God will accept you."  I get so sick and tired of satan's lies, but that's who he is!  He will not change, but WE CAN!    The question is, WHO WILL I BELIEVE THIS DAY???  Who will YOU believe this day???  I'm tired of living in defeat, when Jesus makes me VICTORIOUS!  There is more to life than just surviving, GOD MADE US TO THRIVE!!!  To live in ABUNDANCE!!!  Healed and Whole.  Full of LIFE.  Full of LOVE.  To be an OVERCOMER.  Full of FAITH.........  And, if life has left us with a huge wound, let's stop touching it, and let God Heal it!  Remember, GOD CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!  Let's STOP, and WATCH HIM DO IT........     

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