Posted on November 2, 2020 at 10:45 AM

Tuesday November 3, 2020

Greetings and Salutations!!!  Happy November to you.  Is it well with your soul?  Would you rather shut the world off, and bury yourself under the covers?  Close all the blinds?  Well, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  It just so happens, that I told God I didn't want to write a blog today........               

Sometimes, I just feel like NOTHING!  More often than not, I don't have the strength to anything!  But, guess what?  IT'S NOT ABOUT ME!!!  I am weak, but HE IS STRONG........  I am nothing apart from Him, so WITH Him, He can do the IMPOSSIBLE!  So, my Prayer this morning was, "Ok Holy Spirit!  Well, I don't FEEL like it, BUT..........................................  Here I am, use me!  I am willing.  I am YOURS!"  I Prayed He would breathe life to these dry bones, and make them come to LIFE, In Jesus Name!             

Oh, dear Friends of mine, when the darkness comes calling, RUN!  Your Light is found in Jesus!  He is your Hope and Joy!  If you are empty, He will FILL YOU!  He will Rescue you!  Pull you out of your turmoil!  And, just so you know,  you'll have to leave your pride at the door!  Fear, BE GONE!   

Another important thing is, God doesn't care about what status you have.  Or what career you are in.  How educated you are.  The size of your bank account.  What size you are.  What color skin you have.  NO, NO, NO!!!  Those are the things PEOPLE look at, and how they judge you!  Beloved, hear me strong and hear me loud.............  YOUR WORTH IS FOUND IN JESUS!!!                 

If you have Him in your heart, and are following Him, then you want to please HIM, NOT THE WORLD.  I get alot of criticism.  I have all my life, actually.  I was bullied all during my school years.  Did it hurt?  You bet it did.  WHY???  Because I thought I wasn't good enough for anyONE or anyTHING!  During my party years, I thought men would like me if I had sex with them, because all I wanted was to be ACCEPTED.......... 

But, oh guess what???  I once was lost, and how SPECTACULAR it was BEING FOUND!!!  People saw "nothing" in me, but Jesus said, I WAS SOMETHING!  People thought I wasn't worth living for, but Jesus said, I WAS WORTH DYING FOR!  All I was, and all I am, is found in HIM.......  I do NOT strive to live for, and please, the world.  In fact, I could care less what anyone thinks of me.  I know who God SAYS I AM!!!                                     

It's time to stop listening to the LIES of the enemy!  He is NOT worth losing your soul for!  All he knows how to do is LIE!  That's how it all started in the Garden.  Satan lied to Eve, simple as that!  Yes, he LIED, but she BELIEVED him.  That's what sin is.  We have to choose WHO we are going to believe.  Time waits for no one, lovely Friend.  Life is but a vapor, so we better start believing GOD starting TODAY!!!  Ask yourself what are you going to do about Jesus today?!  And, DON'T say, "I'll start TOMORROW!"  OR, "I have to straighten my life out first!"  That's just satan pulling you farther away from God!  RISE UP!  RISE UP!  RISE UP!!!  It's time to start walking VICTORIOUSLY!!!  It's time to let Jesus swing open your prisons doors, slice through those heavy chains, grab you by the heart, so you can walk in FREEDOM that can only come...........  FROM HIM.

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